Monday, 28 November 2011 very beginning of a project such as this is has a strange and bizzare effect on how I have decided to approach document it. The nature of the First Great WIlderness is very open and maleable as it gets shaped by those involved and the imput it involves along the way. Its kind of a bubble of a concept, an open ended people fuelled vision?. The first introduction I wasnt to give about the concept is fairly wide. Its more of an affirmation of my initiall inspiration and is all around us at all times. I am not going to zone in directly on the project because as i said i see it as a huge process. The beginning of this project it the exterme importance of our natural world. This is a fact that is constantly in our awareness and encompasses so many current issues and schools of thought. Obviously a starting point suchas this is quite vague and could lead in all directions and involve all manner of things. I want to link the Encyclopedia of Life. It is not only completely inspiring but as its name suggests it  explores it all. At your fingertips is a vast wealth of information and tools. It is a perfect example of a new form of conservation. Its the conservation of knowlege and understanding. We are constantly growing and learning and the Encyclopedia of Life is attempting to collate this wealth of understanding.

It is a new way of thinking that will enable the First Great Wilderness to work and understanding is the first step.